Friday, May 7, 2010


Why isn't this getting easier? I thought time was supposed to heal all wounds. Deployment has been backwards for me. I started out conquering the world and now I'm fighting back tears all of the time. My brain's been saying, "be strong, be strong, be strong". Being strong is tiring! God is still with me and continues to give me strength. I'm sure of it. I just miss him...everything about him. And I miss us.

From the moment we knew of the deployment I've prayed God would protect Bryan's spirit. God is certainly doing that, but this has taken a toll. As tough as he is, he is still human. Have you seen the pictures on Facebook? If not, Bryan's posted some pics of the soccer field where Saddam and his cowardly sons tortured and murdered athletes for making mistakes or not performing well. Seeing it on my computer made me physically ill. Seeing it in person, as these men have, must be indescribable. Scenes as these and devastation of war and quality of life of the Iraqi people, viewed day in and day out, is a lot to handle. God bless them.

Despite being a little homesick and the stresses of being at war, Bryan is doing well. We were able to skype this morning as I was getting ready for work and he sang me one of his silly "songs" - the ones I said I'd never miss. It was sweet music to my ears!

He's bonded with the men and there is a mutual respect...answers to prayer. He has three missions this weekend, I think. That's how he'll be spending his Mother's Day. I know he wishes he could hug and kiss his Mom and mine. God couldn't have provided us with two more precious, Godly women than Linda Garland Hayes and Annie Curry Brannon. It's because of their prayers and God's grace that Bryan and I found each other. His mom prayed for me and my mom for him years before one family knew the other existed. Thank you, ladies.

Thank you, Bryan, for your continued sacrifice. Please know we are praying you home. Love you, Babe.

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